Witness Impact

Wi is a platform for communicating case information to victims and witnesses of crime. It allows interaction throughout the journey from crime to trial and beyond which creates a more streamlined experience without requiring greater staff involvement.

-The Metropolitan Police service has plans to improve their public perception by 20% by 2018.

-A public survey conducted in 2012 discovered that 38% of adults in the UK do not believe the police are doing a "good or excellent job" in their area.

-Online crime maps are available at Police.UK to allow the public to learn more about their local crime rates and prosecution rates but the same survey found that only 32% of adults are aware they are available.

A full report on the development of this project can be downloaded here.


-£34 million of taxpayer money is wasted due to witnesses dropping out before trial.

-15% of witnesses who do attend a trial would not volunteer to do so again.

This project began in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police Service and We Are Experience. I investigated ways to address some concerns the Met was having in relation to their public approval and their use of digital technology. They wanted to connect more intuitively with more of their consituents. I proceeded with both first-hand (user) and academic research, as well as idea generation.

"Information volunteered by the public is the source of most crime detections"

Why Witnesses?

Prototype 1 (Mockop)

Prototype 2 (POP- Prototyping on Paper)

Final Prototype (Proto.io):

Prototyping the app:

Adding the website:

I decided to add a website to the Wi system in order to increase the user base to include individuals who do not have smartphones and to facilitate access for all users.

Exhibiting at the Degree Show: